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Sentry 12 Iron Horse Firearms

Sentry 12 Iron Horse Firearms

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The first thing you'll be drawn to on the IHF Sentry 12 shotgun is its efficient design. A one-piece aluminum extrusion becomes the handguard with barrel nut threads, the receiver, the raceway on which the pump action grip and rails ride, the shoulder stock attachment point, and the full-length optics rail. The monolithic aluminum upper receiver. 

With everything removed from it, the aluminum chassis is incredibly lightweight. The chassis is the serialized component; model and serial info is engraved on the bottom rear below the QD sling sockets. Intuitively you'll feel that having the bore of the barrel, the action, and the stock aligned in a perfectly straight line, was likely to produce a nice-shooting 12 gauge, especially one that weighs just six pounds.

This streamlined design is showcased in its extremely quick and easy takedown. A single pin — removable by hand without the use of a tool — at the rear of the polymer lower receiver allows it to pivot down and out of the upper. The bolt with attached action rods and grip then slide right out. An exposed, knurled barrel nut with wrench flats is now the only thing holding the Sentry 12’s barrel in place. Give it a few turns counter-clockwise and the barrel slides right out the front of the chassis. Whether it’s to swap barrels or just for cleaning, few long guns field strip as easily as the Sentry 12.

Perhaps the most important component of a magazine-fed shotgun, though, is the magazine itself. Pushing with one finger on any part of the follower — even the extreme front of it — results in perfectly smooth follower function. Up and down the magazine without binding or tilting. The Sentry 12 magazines feature guide slots for the rim of the shells, and replaceable metal feed lips. 

There’s even an appropriate amount of “extra” space in the magazine after loading it to capacity, which means inserting a fully-loaded mag with the bolt forward it not only possible, but simple. This is not the case with all or even most mag-fed shotguns. Additionally, the Sentry 12’s magazines insert and remove in a straight line out of the magazine well, AR-style. They don’t have to be rocked in and out AK-style, which is the norm for magazine-fed shotguns.

It’s a 12-gauge box magazine done right, top-to-bottom.

Each Iron Horse Firearms Sentry 12 comes with two, five-round magazines. We also have eight-round mags and a 10-round mag is in the works.